Gavin Schmitt, Author, Historian, Podcaster

Author Gavin Schmitt has researched Wisconsin’s darker history for decades, and has written multiple books related to crime in Wisconsin. Gavin began co-hosting two podcasts that have been heard all around the world: The Milwaukee Mafia podcast, and Fox Cities Murder & Mayhem.

When not digging through dusty archives and FBI files, Gavin spends his days drinking too much coffee, watching films, and being a local historian.

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Gavin Schmitt

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Dan Seavey, Great Lakes Pirate

Great Lakes Pirate: The Adventures of Roaring Dan Seavey Dan Seavey, sometimes called “Roaring Dan,” is a legendary, almost mythical figure in the history of Lake …
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Best Decade for Film: 1920s

Gavin Schmitt’s stats: Highest Rated Decade for Film Based on my Letterboxd stats, I rated the 1920s the highest on average, followed by the 1910s and …
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Gavin’s Books

Karl Freund book cover

Newest Book: Karl Freund

Karl Freund is the most important film pioneer you’ve never heard of. From the silent film era to the rise of the American sitcom, Freund was there at every turn. Countless camera techniques can be traced back to his “unchained camera.” His lighting setup for filming I Love Lucy live remains standard to this day. He was the man behind the lens for many influential and award-winning films, from Metropolis to The Good Earth to Key Largo. This biography is the first book-length look at one of the world’s greatest cameramen. It details the events of his early life, his entrance into the world of film, his work in both Germany and America, and his legacy, while also putting his life and films into the historical context of the 20th century. The author gives particular attention to Freund’s role in the early horror films Der Golem, Dracula, Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Mummy, and Mad Love.

Karl Freund: The Life and Films (affiliate link)

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