Dr. William Edward Minahan

Dr William Edward Minahan was born in Chilton, Calumet, Wisconsin on 20 April 1867. He was the son of Irish immigrant parents William Burke Minahan (1833-1906), a county school superintendent, and Mary Shaughnessy (1839-1902), both Limerick natives. He had ten known siblings: Robert (1858-1935) Ellen (1860-1915, later Jaeger), John Robert (1862-1941), Grace (b. 1865), Hugh […]

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Beckwith Hotel Fire

Simon Bailey Paige was born in Wentworth, New Hampshire on August 26, 1824. He married Leafy Cushing Bean. In the 1850s, they came to Oshkosh. Simon and his brother were in the whole sale grocery business, and Simon also had investments in lumber, railroads and race horses. Simon and Leafy were well-known, respected and quite

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