Abandoned Naomi Hintze Project

I had considered writing a book / biography of horror author Naomi Hintze. While I still think it’s a great idea and someone ought to do it, that someone is not me. Below is the very little I bothered to write down before abandoning the project. Buried Treasure Waits For You (1962) In retrospect, Hintze’s […]

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AN UNQUIET GRAVE (2020) Review, Nightstream 2020

An Unquiet Grave (2020) Overview: A year after the death of his wife, a man (Jacob A. Ware) enlists his wife’s sister (Christine Nyland) to help him bring her back.Director: Terence KreyWriters: Christine Nyland, Terence KreyStarring: Jacob A. Ware, Christine Nyland Related post: Interview: Christine Nyland Gavin’s Review Does the plot summary of AN UNQUIET GRAVE (affiliate

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DARLIN’ (2019) Movie Review, Fantasia 2019

Darlin’ Movie Review Overview: A feral teenage girl is taken into strict Catholic church care and prepared for her First Holy Communion.Director: Pollyanna McIntoshProducer: Andrew van den HoutenStarring: Lauryn Canny, Bryan Batt, Nora-Jane Noone Gavin’s Review The path to this film is long and winding through multiple mediums going back almost forty years. In summary,

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