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The inspiration for the Fox Cities Murder & Mayhem podcast comes from Gavin Schmitt’s book of the same name. (affiliate link) Eric knew he had to get Gavin in front of a microphone to share stories he’s researched related to local history.

Hear tales of true crime and history from Northeast Wisconsin and beyond. As Gavin likes to say, “The crime is the dessert used to hide the history “vegetables”. The history is really interesting, but the element of crime is what leads people to learn the history.”

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Eric and Gavin are lifelong friends. (Eric claims it’s been since kindergarten and backs up his recollection with an intriguing GI Joe story, but the jury is still out on the true timeline.) Eric and Gavin have a naturally engaging dynamic due to the mutual respect they share for one another’s strengths: Gavin brings the history, and Eric brings the voice of the audience.

Marinette Graft

Born in Germany, Albert E. Schwittay emigrated with his parents to the United States and…

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