Gavin Schmitt’s interviews of people in movie and television industry.

JESSE BLANCHARD Interview, Nightstream 2020

Gavin Schmitt Interviews Jesse Blanchard Creator Jesse Blanchard was kind enough to chat with me about “Frank and Zed”, and our conversation is here! Overview: Two reanimated corpses, dependent on each other for survival, live a life of solitude until a power-hungry magistrate tricks a group of villagers into attacking their lonely castle, fulfilling an …

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Gavin Schmitt Interviews Brahim Achabbakhe While the name Brahim Achabbakhe may not easily roll off the tongue, he is a talent well worth keeping your eye on. Having been involved in stunt work for the last ten years, including on such big films as “The Hangover II”, Brahim is gradually moving more and more into …

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LARRY COHEN Interview, Director

Gavin Schmitt Interviews Larry Cohen Larry Cohen is probably best known for his genre films: “Q: The Winged Serpent”, “It’s Alive”, and “The Stuff”, to name a few. He was also a pioneer in the blaxploitation genre, and continues to write scripts that become hugely successful movies like “Phone Booth” and “Cellular”. His time as …

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