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Author Gavin Schmitt is a life-long Wisconsin resident who has a passion for local history, movies, and research. When not working his day job as a Fox Cities Historian, he can be found reading public records, and working on his next book. Gavin has 10 published books (affiliate link) on topics such as the Milwaukee mafia, local history, and film. He’s even had the privilege of combining his interests when he consulted on AMC’s Making of the Mob: Chicago.

In 2021, Gavin started two podcasts after being nudged for years by friends, including his co-host, Eric Wulterkens. The podcasts focus on research Gavin has done related to historical and organized crime.

Fox Cities Murder & Mayhem focuses on historical crimes from the Wisconsin Fox Cities, and the Milwaukee Mafia podcast focuses on the Milwaukee Mafia. MilwaukeeMafia.com was created in 2021 to supplement the podcast, and provide a wealth of information for others looking to learn more about the Milwaukee mafia and organized crime.

Contact Gavin

Interested in having Gavin come speak to your group or on your podcast? He’d love to! He’s presented on topics such as the Milwaukee Mafia, organized crime, Wisconsin history, requesting records, genealogy, and his journey to becoming a published author. Send him an email or message him on Facebook.

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