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New Website

I never thought I’d use Gavin Schmitt as a website name, but is here! I honestly couldn’t believe this web address was available given there’s a Canadian volleyball player with the same name. Hopefully you weren’t looking for him as I do not play volleyball, nor do I live in Canada.

This website was created by my website administrator, and she completely surprised me with it. She thought my movie-related content needed a “home”, especially given that my newest book, Karl Freund: The Life and Films (affiliate link) is being released soon. I completely agree, and I really like this website. It has a different vibe than my other site,

I haven’t “officially” announced that I’ve started this website, and that’s because content is still being migrated over, such as movie content that used to be on my former site (Framing Business – which is inactive) and non-Milwaukee Mafia content from my current site ( There’s a LOT of content (nearly 300 posts!). I hope to have it all moved by the end of February 2022 with the help of my website administrator.

There have been subtle clues of this site’s existence, as well as a blog post on, but if you’ve found this site prior to me announcing it super officially on Facebook or Twitter, thank you for checking it out.

Movie and Crime Content

Check back often for both new and old (but awesome) content including; Movie-related posts, including interviews, reviews, and blog posts. I’ve got a lot of great interviews that I’ve done over the years, and they sometimes even include a picture.

Michael Berryman and Gavin 2008
Throwback: Michael Berryman and Gavin, 2008

Crime-related posts, including content related to the Fox Cities Murder & Mayhem podcast that I do every other week with my lifelong friend, Eric.

Milwaukee Mafia-related content will remain at my other site: That site includes information specific to my research on the mafia in Wisconsin, and includes FBI files and other resources for researchers.

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