On March 26, 2011, HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis hosted an amazing reunion (with special thanks to Mike Baronas for organizing it): “House by the Cemetery” 30th anniversary. On hand to answer questions were: Catriona MacColl, Carlo de Mejo, Giovanni Frezza, Dagmar Lassander and Silvia Collatina. Here are the highlights: * Dagmar Lassander recalled a time …

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80s SLASHER PANEL, HorrorHound

March 26, 2011 a panel of five slasher villains of the 1980s met in Indianapolis to talk about killing people on-screen. They were Ted White (Friday the 13th Part IV), Derek MacKinnon (Terror Train), Wayne Doba (Funhouse), Bob Elmore (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), and Peter Giuliano (The Prowler). Highlights were: * Ted White was asked …

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For any fans of Killer Klowns from Outer Space, you have to check out my interview with the Chiodo Brothers. But also, I am writing live from my hotel room at HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis. Yesterday, March 25, 2011, I sat in on a Q&A with four of the cast of Killer Klowns: leads Suzanne Snyder …

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HORRORHOUND 2008, Horror Convention in Indianapolis

HorrorHound 2008 – Gavin’s First HorrorHound HorrorHound 2008: Marriott East in Indianapolis from March 28-30, 2008. Attending: myself and cult horror fanatic Timm Horn. It was my first Horrorhound and my colleague’s first convention, so we weren’t fully aware of what to expect. What follows is a run-down of our trip, the convention, the guests …

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