Gavin Schmitt Interviews Kristyn Green

Kristyn Green is a rising star in the world of cinema, and particularly in the world of horror. She has been a featured actress in three of Charles Band’s most recent films: ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ (affiliate link), ‘Doll Graveyard’ (affiliate link) and ‘Evil Bong’ (affiliate link). This fall, she will be featured as Rachel in the terrifying flick called “Carver”.

Aside from horror, she can be seen in the Rolfe Kanefsky movie “Pretty Cool 2” (Rolfe is probably best known to horror fans as the director of “The Hazing”). She previously starred in the television shows “Casting Ripe Live” and “The Law Firm”. In 2003, she generously gave some time to perform for the United States Army overseas.

Kristyn took the time to chat with us about her horror experiences, and her distaste for Klondike bars.

GS: Could you describe what it was like in your first acting experience?

KG: The first thing I ever acted in was “The Sound of Music”. I played Marta, the seven year old. I started dancing when I was 5 so I was no stranger to the stage or an audience, but it as the first time I was able to act, sing and dance in front of people. I fell in love with it! I still have a great love for musical theatre, and I try to find time to do shows when I get a chance.

GS: You’ve been working rather frequently with Charles Band, who is something of a legend in the world of B-movies. What is it like working with him?

KG: Charlie is an incredibly supportive director who works very quickly. All three of the movies I shot with him were filmed in about 7 days. He gives his actors a lot of creative freedom and always has a positive energy on set. As a result, there is a great camaraderie amongst the cast and crew. It has always been a wonderful experience.

GS: In another interview, you said prior to working with Band you had some favorite low budget horror films. What are/were they?

KG: I like “Just Before Dawn”, a great little 80s flick… and, of course “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”. I mean, with a title like that… what’s not to love?? Plus, clowns are just really fucking scary!

GS: Along with Charles Band, you’ve worked with Sid Haig, Michael Berryman and Bill Moseley. I met Bill in Chicago and he was quite a storyteller. Any juicy stories to share about him or anyone else?

KG: It is interesting doing a movie that shoots in such a short time span because you really don’t get to spend a lot of time with the other actors. In fact, I didn’t have any scenes with Sid Haig or Michael Berryman, so I never actually met them. I did get to work with Bill, and although I don’t have any juicy stories to tell, I can tell you he is hilarious and great to be on set with. He always kept me laughing!

Michael Berryman and Gavin, 2008

GS: You’ve also worked with “scream queen” Tiffany Shepis. How was that — would you want to be considered a scream queen?

KG: Interestingly enough, Tiffany is known as a scream queen, and I’ve certainly done my fair share of horror films… but we actually met working on the teen comedy “Pretty Cool 2”. Not only is she a wonderful actress, but she is one of the funniest people I’ve met. As far as being a scream queen… I don’t mind being considered one for now. I have a great love and respect for the horror genre.

GS: Have you had any unusual reactions (or OVER-reactions) from a fan?

KG: Honestly, I have only had extremely positive experiences with my fans. They are some of the most supportive and kind people, and the letters I have received are amazing.

GS: What frightens you?

KG: The unknown… oh, and anything that stings (bees, wasps, etc.). Put me in a movie where the world is being taken over by killer bees, and you will hear me scream like never before.

GS: Hypothetical question: The world is taken over by zombies and supplies are scarce; what would you do for a Klondike bar?

KG: I’d rather have pizza =)

GS: Your next film is called “Carver”. Describe “Carver” for us and where your character fits in.

KG: It’s a story about 5 friends who take a camping trip to the mountain town of Halcyon Ridge. They meet the Carver brothers and agree to help them clean out the old shed. They soon start poking around and find some bizarre and disturbing horror films that they soon end up “starring” in themselves. My character, Rachel, is a pretty funny girl. Her and her boyfriend, Zack (Jonathan Rockett) are the perfect comedy duo, who are known for causing a scene wherever they go. In fact, I think if it weren’t for them, the creepy snuff films would have never been found in the shack… setting us up for all the murder and mayhem!

GS: Different horror fans like different things. Some like suspense, others like gore and still others I think just show up hoping for a gratuitous shower scene. What should the audience expect?

KG: There is definitely suspense, and a TON of gore. A LOT of gore! Sorry guys, no gratuitous shower scene… but I do run around in my underwear holding a pitchfork. I can say that the fans will leave feeling completely satisfied. I think this movie has everything and more that people want to see. I also should give credit to the cast for being so amazing. This movie is packed with some of the greatest, most dedicated actors and I feel fortunate I was able to work with them.

GS: Your resume is already packed with horror gems. Are horror fans going to be seeing more of you?

KG: In June, the fans can look for the release of ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ (affiliate link), followed by the release of “Carver” later this year. At the moment I have a few projects I’m working on, but none of them are of the horror genre. I will always love making horror films, but I also like a bit of variety.

GS: Any last words for the fans?

KG: Avoid running around in the woods wearing [only] your underwear! BUT, if you must do it… always carry a pitchfork.

GS: Thanks, Kristyn! It was a pleasure!

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