Director LINCOLN KUPCHAK Responds to Gavin’s Reviews

Lincoln Kupchak Reaches out to Gavin Schmitt

Not long ago, I received an unsolicited message from Felix Diaz, the creator of the independent film “Hell’s Threshold”, regarding my review of his film. Today (July 16, 2007) I received a message from Lincoln Kupchak, the man behind Rivers of Blood Productions. As the microbudget reviewer for, I have seen many of Kupchak’s works: all three “Attack” films, “The Birthday Party”, “The Alley”, “Daddy’s Home”, “Blood in the Night” and “Brain Blockers”. Some are good, some are not as good. (The reviews can be found at Killer Reviews.)

Lincoln passed on this note to defend and explain his films, and I think it’s only fair to share it, as it really presents his films in a more objective light.

Message From Lincoln Kupchak

I read your reviews of all of my projects that you did on “Killer Reviews.” I pretty much agree with your criticisms and I am glad you seem to have mostly enjoyed them… A few notes in response to some of your questions in your reviews…

Most of the shorts were either student films (the first “Attack”, “Blood in the Night”) or done for the 48 hour film festival (all the others)… “Blood in the Night” was my senior film in film school. And the one I had the most money and help for… it is also the only one shot on film (16mm).

Some other notes: Stacy Lynn Gabel from “Birthday Party” also played one of the sorority girls in “Brain Blockers” and she is (briefly) in the new Lindsay Lohan movie… “The Alley” is terrible… I shot that during “Brain Blockers” because I wanted to get something done for the 48 hour festival… and I was burned out of ideas… so I just shot that short after I was shooting an alley scene with Crystal [Day] for “Brain Blockers” at like 2 in the morning… I included it on the set mostly as filler… though it did play in the Chicago Horror Film Festival and seemed to be enjoyed by that crowd… of course, they hadn’t seen “Blood in the Night” so they didn’t know it was a remake.

The cheesy effects in the later films were actually supposed to be cheesy… and were done by people who are actually really good visual effects artists… but they did them quickly while doing actual paying work full time…

I’ve been so burned out since finishing “Brain Blockers”… which was shot in ’03 and not finished post till ’06… that I haven’t done anything since… other than “Daddy’s Home”… which was really just an excuse to work with Crystal again…

Crystal was 16 when we shot “Brain Blockers” and “The Alley”… though she was 19 by the time I had her do the makeout scene in “Daddy’s Home”… She actually auditioned for the lead in “Brain Blockers” but was too young so I wrote the other part for her because I liked her performance at the audition.

Anyways, thanks for the reviews… it’s great to get feedback… even the bad feedback is better than no feedback.

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