Gavin Schmitt

Mass Killer Douglas Dean

In 1968 or 1969, Debbie Westenberger was 16 and killed herself with a Dean family .22 rifle in boyfriend Douglas George Dean’s bedroom. Police later claimed she was pregnant, though the Dean family said they never knew of any such thing. Mother Hildegarde Dean was widowed on May 18, 1970 with the death of Warren …

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Abandoned Naomi Hintze Project

I had considered writing a book / biography of horror author Naomi Hintze. While I still think it’s a great idea and someone ought to do it, that someone is not me. Below is the very little I bothered to write down before abandoning the project. Buried Treasure Waits For You (1962) In retrospect, Hintze’s …

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Oshkosh Officer Louis Hardy

Louis J Hardy was born in Germany in the 1840s, and settled in Oshkosh some time around 1868. Upon arriving, he joined the Wisconsin National Guard (Company F, Second Infantry) and served five years. Hardy was a shoemaker in 1880, then an engineer of the Oshkosh Gas Company for a while. With his wife Augusta …

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